Big Animals

The big animals among themselves!

On 04.12.2019 at 15:30:39 quarry blast (quarry explosion) GERMANY near Horb/ Neckar. Today, 05.12.2019 at 10:14:16 a.m. light earthquake magnitude 2.8 in Albstadt GERMANY.


Conclusion: The earth has become a highly sensitive planet.


Do you and your peers need a well-trained psychiatrist?



Despite the cracked structure and the strange structure of the house, in which among other things my person is also resident, you as the Luebecker ones let the house vibrate several times through the street works and probably you will try it again!!

This can cause the heating pipes or the water pipes to lead to  a chain reaction in this way and  it can easily lead to a catastrophe, which you and your peers will probably have known, among other things, but you just carry on and play with the life of the house dwellers.
Do you and your peers need a well-trained psychiatrist?

Take care of these IDIOTS immediately as the persons responsible!

Do you and your peers stop any unnecessary threat by the building substance of the entire house, you full-throttle!